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Night clubs South Beach Miami - Exotic & Luxury Miami


Miami boasts some of the hottest nightspots in the world. In South Beach, club hoppers can stroll streets that teem with activity all night long. They can also find lots of party action and live music in the Design District area. Nearby, Downtown Miami is giving South Beach a run for its money with new emerging hot spots, while Coconut Grove is a favorite late-night stop for fun-seekers.

Miami’s Luxury bars and nightclubs are world famous due to the ever increasingly amount of influx into the city, and its fun, party atmosphere. Miami is also a place where a large number of celebrities live, vacation, and party, adding to the chic and excitement of Miami nightlife. It is a very colorful city with a large number of bars and nightclubs to satisfy the night owl. Whatever type of nightlife you enjoy, you will find something to your taste Miami. There are laid-back bars where you can go and enjoy music to your taste, whether it is jazz, blues, or Latin music.

With all the hype, you'd expect Miami to have long outlived its 15 minutes of fame by now. But you'd be wrong. Miami's nightlife, in South Beach, and, slowly but surely, downtown, is hotter than ever before -- and still getting hotter.

Practically every club in the area has installed closely guarded velvet ropes to create an air of exclusivity. Don't be fooled or intimidated by them -- anyone can go clubbing in the Magic City, and throughout this guide, I've provided tips to ensure you gain entry to the venue you want to go to.

South Beach is certainly Miami's uncontested nocturnal nucleus, but more and more diverse areas, such as the Design District, South Miami, and even Little Havana, are increasingly providing fun alternatives without the ludicrous cover charges, "fashionably late" hours of operation (things don't typically get started on South Beach until after 11pm), the lack of sufficient self-parking, and outrageous drink prices that come standard in South Beach.

And while South Beach dances to a more electronic beat, other parts of Miami dance to a Latin beat -- from salsa and merengue to tango and cha cha. However, if you're looking for a less frenetic good time, Miami's bar scene offers something for everyone, from haute hotel bars to sleek, lounge & watering holes.

Here a list of the most important luxury clubs in Miami:

1. Crobar

2. Mansion

3. Nikki Beach

4. Opium Garden

5. Club Deep

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