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How to Detect and Avoid Vacation Rental Scams

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We use the internet in our daily lives for all sorts of shortcuts, information and to do things quickly and conveniently. Unfortunately, the convenience and simplicity of the internet is also very popular among scam artists who may easily pose as someone else. Ever since its start, the internet has had fraud and scams take place online even in vacation rentals in Miami Beach. Over time, the fraudulent activity has expanded into the online tourism industry. These scams that occur in the online travel industry include, for example, taking money from unsuspecting vacationers by posing as a vacation rental owner. Some signs to look for to detect and prevent fraud are:

• Holiday rental listings without photos
If there are no or very few pictures of the property in the ad, ask the owner for additional photos. The owner must be able to provide images of vacation rentals from all angles.

• Use extreme caution when navigating Free Online Classifieds
Many dependable owners advertise their properties on free online classifieds, but unfortunately, so do criminals. Free online classifieds like or are an easy place for scammers to operate without losing money. In addition, there is nobody to verify the vacation rental properties.

• Call the agency and ask many questions.
Inquire about the vacation rental property to the smallest detail. Beware of any doubt or ignorance of the property. Continue to call back with questions until you feel the owner or agency is trustworthy.

• Investigate the reputation of a vacation rental agency
Working with a vacation rental company is safer because you can consult the company's ratings. Always check with the Better Business Bureau as well as travel forums.

• Paperwork
Sign a contract that represents what you have booked. You may also request proof of ownership.

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