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How to Get a 5-star Vacation in Miami For The Cost of a 2-star Vacation

Jul 29

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South Beach vacation rentals -  South Beach holiday rentals

A savvy traveler will be rewarded for researching different tips and deals before they book their vacations. One example of a rewarding find: Finding a way to get a 5-star vacation in Miami for the price of a 2-star vacation. First and foremost, all prices are at their best during off season.

That being said, what can you do within the suggested time frame to get as much quality as possible for as little money as possible? Stay in South Beach vacation rentals. South Beach holiday rentals are a sophisticated lodging alternative that is more affordable than a hotel. On average, South Beach vacation rentals offer more space and privacy than a hotel.

Flamingo South Beach Luxury Vacation Rentals

Flamingo South Beach Luxury Vacation Rentals

South Beach holiday rentals aim to make guests feel comfortable and at home with features such as internet access, a fully equipped kitchen and with as many rooms as your travel party requires. Many South Beach vacation rentals offer customers a bicycle to use to explore the town. You decide what criteria your South Beach holiday rentals must have such as a pool or a parking space.

South Beach vacation rentals typically have concierge services which offer to schedule your room service, food order for delivery, a massage or a limo pick up. can also organize activities or tours for you as well as make your dinner reservations. Get treated like a star without spending as much money as one.

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Top 10 visited sites in Miami

Feb 19

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You will better enjoy Miami when you are not rushing around to visit an impossible list of sites to see. Take a look at the list below and visit any of what we believe to be the best top places to visit in Miami. One of the top places to visit in Miami, the area called Little Havana, is a world of its own. It feels more like a town in Cuba than a neighborhood in the United States.

You can visit Ocean Drive, Lincoln Road, Coconut Grove or Brickell Ave for a day of upscale shopping and top places to visit in Miami. Put a day aside to walk directly from your Miami Beach vacation rentals to top places to visit in Miami such as Club Nikki, Ocean Drive, Lincoln Road and the waters of South Beach.

Other top places to visit in Miami that are not so close to your Miami Beach vacation rentals will require more time and some kind of transportation. Spend your site-seeing time on the top places to visit in Miami. Use the rest of your time to indulge and enjoy yourself.

  1. Lincoln Road Miami Beach
  2. Ocean Drive South Beach
  3. 8th Street and Little Havana Miami
  4. Miami Viscaya Museum and Gardens
  5. Miracle Mile in Coral Gables
  6. Brickell Ave.
  7. The Grove, aka Coconut Grove
  8. Downtown Miami
  9. South Beach Miami
  10. Club Nikki Beach - South Beach

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Top 10 celebrities living in Miami

Feb 19

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Miami is home to many celebrities. It is not uncommon for locals to spot celebrities walking down Lincoln Road or other parts of Miami on a weekday afternoon. The top 10 celebrities living in Miami are spotted more often. We formed a list of the top 10 celebrities living in Miami.

View  More Pics and the secret map to Miami celebrities’ homes

You may even find that there may be some of the top 10 celebrities living in Miami in the building where you rented your Miami Beach vacation rentals. Below are the cherished top 10 celebrities living in Miami. That’s just one more thing you do not want to miss by staying in your Miami Beach vacation rentals.

  1. Gloria and Emilio Estefan
  2. Ricky Martin
  3. Pharrel Williams
  4. Matt Damon
  5. Rosie O’Donnell
  6. Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova
  7. Lenny Kravitz
  8. Alejandro Sanz
  9. Shakira
  10. OJ Simpson

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Top 10 Miami Sports

Feb 19

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With all of the booming nightlife and water activities in Miami Beach, some may forget that it is also an attractive destination for sports. Miami has infinite opportunities for top Miami sports such as scuba diving, jet skiing and tennis.

If you are visiting for the golf courses or tennis courts, you can find several Miami Beach vacation rentals that are within walking distance. Water sports such as kite surfing or jet skiing are easily accessible from Miami Beach vacation rentals on or near the water.

There is an endless selection of lush, green golf courses and one of the biggest tennis tournaments is held here. If you are more of a top Miami sports spectator, we have some great top Miami sports teams that have a great following of pride and team spirit. Here is a list of the top Miami sports for you to enjoy on your vacation. Please read also Miami most affordable sport activities.

1.- Golf in Miami - See Top Miami Golf  Courses
2.- Tennis in Miami - See Top Miami Tennis Centers

3.- Scuba Diving in Miami
Tarpoon SCUBA Diving Centers
300 Alton Road
Miami Beach  FL 33139

South Beach Divers
850 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
(305) 531-6110

4.- Parasailing in Miami

5.- Jet Skiing in Miami

6.- Kite surfing in Miami

7.- Miami Heat NBA Season

8.- Miami Dolphin Season

9.-Florida Marlins Season

10.- Miami Hurricanes Games

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Top 10 Miami Restaurants

Feb 12

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Miami is filled with all different types of exquisite restaurants. The top Miami restaurants range over all sorts of authentic ethnic cuisines such as French, Italian, Cuban, Japanese and more. There are enough top Miami restaurants to make dining out a sport.

Try the best of those top Miami restaurants while you are in town. There are bound to be several dining options just a short walk from your Miami Beach vacation rentals. Some Miami Beach vacation rentals may even have their own on-site restaurant.

This is our list of the top Miami restaurants:

1. Barton G. Miami Beach Restaurant

1427 West Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 672-8881

2. Chef Allen’s Miami Restaurant

19088 NE 29th Ave
Miami, FL 33180
(305) 935-2900

3. Emeril’s Miami Beach Restaurant

1601 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 695-4550

4. Joe’s Stone Crab Miami Beach Restaurant

11 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 673-0365

5. Ortanique on the Mile

278 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 446-7710

6. Prime 112 South Beach Restaurant

112 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 532-8112

7.- Romeo’s Café Miami Restaurant

2257 SW 22nd Street (Coral Way)
Miami, FL. 33145

8.- Azul Miami Restaurant

Mandarin Oriental Hotela
500 Brickell Key Drive
Miami, Florida 33131
(305) 913 8358

9. - Nobu Miami Beach Restaurant

1901 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Tel. 305 695 3232
Mon–Thu 7PM to 12AM
Fri-Sat 7PM to 1AM, Sun 7PM to 11PM
Reservations for 6 or more only

Nobu Lounge:
Mon–Thu 6PM to 12AM
Fri-Sat 6PM to 2AM, Sun 6PM to 11PM

10. - Pascal on Ponce Miami Beach Restaurant

2611 Ponce De Leon Blvd
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 444-2024

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Top 10 Miami Beach Attractions

Feb 12

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Miami has some very special attractions that tourists should definitely not miss. Our list of top Miami Beach attractions includes places that are special for their array of restaurants, their unique vibe, beautiful people and exquisite museums. These top Miami Beach attractions set Miami apart from the rest of the country and nearly make it seem like another world.

There are a variety of Miami Beach vacation rentals that you find at affordable prices near the top Miami Beach attractions. Fortunately, the top Miami Beach attractions are not far from each other as South Beach is not too large. You can, however, find Miami Beach vacation rentals that are closer to some top Miami Beach attractions than to others. For example, stay right next door to the Versace Mansion South Beach, on Ocean Drive South Beach, directly across the street from the Beach. Very convenient.

Ocean Drive South Beach

Ocean Drive South Beach is a stretch of beach located on the southern tip of Miami Beach, called South Beach. Ocean Drive is the place to see and to be seen - surely a must for every visitor in Miami, Florida. There a wide variety of restaurants on Ocean Drive. Plus, many emblematic boutique style hotels are located there.

South Beach Art Deco District

South Beach Art Deco district mainly showcases the Art Deco architecture. It is highly advised to take the South Beach Art Deco District walking tour when in Miami.

South Beach - The Beach

One of the sexiest beaches in the world! This beach is probably one of the most famous beaches in the country for the art deco buildings that boarder the beach. There are plenty of water sports available on the beach. The beach of South Beach is also great for swimming and to meet beautiful South Beach girls. There are food stands on the beach; you can also get some food for the restaurants along Ocean Drive. Restrooms are within a short walk.

Miami Beach Lincoln Road Mall

Lincoln Road is located in the heart of South Beach between Washington Avenue and Alton Road. This is a unique open air boulevard; the premier pedestrian mall and the most dynamic commercial area.

Collins Avenue Shopping District

This Collins Avenue shopping area stretches from 5th to 16th Street and offers some great shopping in stores such as Armani Exchange, Banana Republic, Benetton, Zara, and more.

Miami Beach Versace Mansion

This beach front mansion is also known as “Casa Casuarina” is one of Miami’s main attractions.

Miami Erotic Art Museum

Located in the heart of the South Beach Art Deco District, the Miami Erotic Art Museum boasts the world’s largest public view collection of erotic art

Miami Beach Wolfsonian Museum

Miami Wolfsonian-FIU is a museum situated in the heart of historic Miami Beach, within easy walking distance of the world-famous South Beach Art Deco hotels.

Miami Holocaust Memorial Museum

Miami Holocaust Memorial Museum is dedicated to teaching members of all races and cultures to recognize the inherent worth and dignity of human life in order to prevent future genocides.

Espanola Way South Beach Miami

This Miami Beach attraction is also known as: “The Historic Spanish Village” Espanola Way South Beach Miami is a charming street that showcases a unique bohemian and cultural flair.

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Top Things to Do in Miami Beach

Feb 12

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Miami is very different from so many other places out there. Miami’s unique differences are what attract visitors from all over the world. Naturally, tourists will want to experience all of Miami in one trip.

Take advantage of your time in Miami and spend it wisely. Visit the top ten attractions and enjoy the top things to do in Miami Beach. The well-known top things to do in Miami Beach include going to the beach or going out to night clubs. You can find Miami Beach vacation rentals near any of the top things to do in Miami Beach suggestions we recommend. However, we also provide you with some not as well known Miami secrets that will make your trip worth while. Experience everything that sets Miami apart from everywhere else. Stay in the best and affordable Miami Beach vacation rentals. Read through our list of top things to do in Miami Beach and plan your ideal Miami vacation!

  1. Visit To South Beach Art Deco District
  2. Have a Meal on Lincoln Road
  3. Visit the Miami Seaquarium
  4. Go to the Beach!
  5. Visit the Florida Everglades (Florida Everglades Photos)
  6. Visit the Miami Vizcaya Museum
  7. Visit the Coral Castle
  8. Go Clubbing!
  9. Go to a Miami Heat Game!

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Pack for Miami, Florida Vacations

Feb 12

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Miami Beach is both a very sophisticated and laid back city. Visitors on Florida vacations can dine in refined restaurants in a nice pair of jeans and a shirt. Miami is unlike London or Paris in that Florida vacations visitors can get by in a relaxed, trendy outfit. Leave your ties and formal jackets out when you pack for Miami. Sure, ties and jackets can be used on Florida vacations, but they are not required. You don’t even need them to go to the opera in Miami. You may dress up just a bit more when you dine at a very high-end restaurant. It should be pretty easy to pack for Miami Beach vacations. When you pack for Miami, bring attire for Miami night clubs, the beach, Miami shopping and dining. Miami has year-long great weather. On a rare day, Miami will experience cold fronts or hurricanes. Make sure to be prepared for such occasions while on your Florida vacations.

Browse a list of comfortable Miami vacation rentals to go along with your comfortable Miami attire.

What to pack for Miami:

• Bathing suits
• Light pants, slacks and/or shorts
• Light shirts
• Maybe some trendy attire, if you wish
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses
• Umbrella for potential showers
• Comfortable walking shoes
• Flip flops for Miami Beach’s hot sand

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