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Reasons To Visit Miami: Boating in Miami

Sep 28

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Miami’s waters attract a lot of boaters to enjoy the experience. Join the many boats that spend a day out on the waters instead of on land doing other things to do in Miami Florida.

You can enjoy boating in Miami even if you do not have your own boat. You can easily rent a boat. Get to know Miami from a new perspective. Boating in Miami introduces you to a side of Miami that you do not see when doing other things to do in Miami Florida. Boating in Miami is one of the most fun things to do in Miami Florida. - Find luxury Miami  vacation homes and Miami Beach vacation condos.

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Reasons to Visit Miami: Being Part of Miami Beach Hotels’ Pool Parties

Sep 28

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Miami has magnetic attraction because it’s a city that is constantly buzzing with things to do in Miami Florida. People love to go visit the beaches, enjoy special event and other things to do in Miami Florida. One thing that savvy visitors are on to is the pool parties at Miami Beach hotels. Enjoy drinks at the poolside bar and mingle with other pool partiers at the swanky Miami Beach hotels.

These Miami Beach hotels –hosted pool parties really attract crowds. One of the things that makes these parties one of the more fun things to do in Miami Florida is that you can see a crowd of flawless bodies gathered in one place. - Find luxury Miami  vacation homes and Miami Beach vacation condos.

TOP Hotels Hosting Pool Parties:

Miami Delano Hotel
Miami Shore Club Hotel
Miami Sagamore Hotel
Miami Royal Palm Hotel
Miami Gansevoort Hotel
Miami Casa Casuarina Hotel
Miami Surfcomber Hotel
Miami Bentley Hotel
Miami Fontainebleau Hotel

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The New South Beach Webster Boutique

Sep 28

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On June 1st, the 20,000 square-foot Webster building in South Beach opened its doors as a super chic emporium after an extraordinary makeover consisting of gutting and reducing the building from four stories to three. The three-story Art Deco building is now a shopping haven for men’s and women’s clothing, vintage watches, fine jewelry, art pieces, a rooftop hang out area, a lounge area and the first U.S. location for the famous Paris restaurant Caviar Kaspia. The new designer boutique promises to lure more international chic shoppers to Miami. The Webster Boutique is set apart with details such as the eccentric wall art by French artist Christophe Brunnquell and huge handmade wood tables by BDDW. The restaurant boasts a 1930s style and there are huge representations made of original 1950s wallpaper and photograph collections. An Art Deco building was undoubtedly the best new home for the boutique.

The Webster Boutique is backed and fueled by people with unbelievable backgrounds in fashion. The warm and welcoming boutique will offer names such as Prada, Miu Miu, Martin Margiela, Balenciaga, Pierre Hardy, Lanvin and Azzedine Alaïa. There is one floor that is entirely dedicated to jewelry and watches including pieces from designers like Pamela Love, Ilias Lalaounis, Genevieve Jones, Aurelie Bidermann, House of Waris and Solange Azagury-Partiridge. Guests are encouraged to feel comfortable here and stay and enjoy the building, rooftop terrace and restaurant. It is a very luxurious environment in which you can hang out. The Webster Boutique is just steps from so many of South Beach’s famous restaurants, hang outs and South Beach vacation rentals. - Find luxury Miami  vacation homes and Miami Beach vacation condos.

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How to Get a 5-star Vacation in Miami For The Cost of a 2-star Vacation

Jul 29

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South Beach vacation rentals -  South Beach holiday rentals

A savvy traveler will be rewarded for researching different tips and deals before they book their vacations. One example of a rewarding find: Finding a way to get a 5-star vacation in Miami for the price of a 2-star vacation. First and foremost, all prices are at their best during off season.

That being said, what can you do within the suggested time frame to get as much quality as possible for as little money as possible? Stay in South Beach vacation rentals. South Beach holiday rentals are a sophisticated lodging alternative that is more affordable than a hotel. On average, South Beach vacation rentals offer more space and privacy than a hotel.

Flamingo South Beach Luxury Vacation Rentals

Flamingo South Beach Luxury Vacation Rentals

South Beach holiday rentals aim to make guests feel comfortable and at home with features such as internet access, a fully equipped kitchen and with as many rooms as your travel party requires. Many South Beach vacation rentals offer customers a bicycle to use to explore the town. You decide what criteria your South Beach holiday rentals must have such as a pool or a parking space.

South Beach vacation rentals typically have concierge services which offer to schedule your room service, food order for delivery, a massage or a limo pick up. can also organize activities or tours for you as well as make your dinner reservations. Get treated like a star without spending as much money as one.

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Top 10 most affordable sports activities in Miami

Feb 19

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Vacations cost enough as it is. If you are looking for some extra Miami activities to enjoy but are trying to think of something cheap or even free, there are several top most affordable Miami sports activities options. We have listed 10 top most affordable Miami sports activities. Use the top most affordable Miami sports activities to get a glimpse of the life of a local or see a little more of Miami from a different angle. These top most affordable Miami sports activities can be easily accessed from any Miami Beach vacation rentals.

For top most affordable Miami sports activities such as jogging on the beach and walking along Ocean Drive, you will not even need a car from your Miami Beach vacation rentals. Go ahead and explore without spending too much.

  1. Jogging in the Beach!
  2. South Beach Flamingo Park Sport Facilities
  3. Walking Through Ocean Drive Boulevard
  4. Attending to a Miami Heat Game!
  5. Free Yoga Classes at the Flamingo Park
  6. Renting a Bicycle - Bicycle Rentals in Miami
  7. Rollerblading around South Beach Art Deco District
  8. Pier Fishing in Miami
  9. Kayaking at Oleta River State Park
  10. Playing Beach Volleyball in South Beach

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Top Things to Do in Miami Beach

Feb 12

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Miami is very different from so many other places out there. Miami’s unique differences are what attract visitors from all over the world. Naturally, tourists will want to experience all of Miami in one trip.

Take advantage of your time in Miami and spend it wisely. Visit the top ten attractions and enjoy the top things to do in Miami Beach. The well-known top things to do in Miami Beach include going to the beach or going out to night clubs. You can find Miami Beach vacation rentals near any of the top things to do in Miami Beach suggestions we recommend. However, we also provide you with some not as well known Miami secrets that will make your trip worth while. Experience everything that sets Miami apart from everywhere else. Stay in the best and affordable Miami Beach vacation rentals. Read through our list of top things to do in Miami Beach and plan your ideal Miami vacation!

  1. Visit To South Beach Art Deco District
  2. Have a Meal on Lincoln Road
  3. Visit the Miami Seaquarium
  4. Go to the Beach!
  5. Visit the Florida Everglades (Florida Everglades Photos)
  6. Visit the Miami Vizcaya Museum
  7. Visit the Coral Castle
  8. Go Clubbing!
  9. Go to a Miami Heat Game!

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Pack for Miami, Florida Vacations

Feb 12

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Miami Beach is both a very sophisticated and laid back city. Visitors on Florida vacations can dine in refined restaurants in a nice pair of jeans and a shirt. Miami is unlike London or Paris in that Florida vacations visitors can get by in a relaxed, trendy outfit. Leave your ties and formal jackets out when you pack for Miami. Sure, ties and jackets can be used on Florida vacations, but they are not required. You don’t even need them to go to the opera in Miami. You may dress up just a bit more when you dine at a very high-end restaurant. It should be pretty easy to pack for Miami Beach vacations. When you pack for Miami, bring attire for Miami night clubs, the beach, Miami shopping and dining. Miami has year-long great weather. On a rare day, Miami will experience cold fronts or hurricanes. Make sure to be prepared for such occasions while on your Florida vacations.

Browse a list of comfortable Miami vacation rentals to go along with your comfortable Miami attire.

What to pack for Miami:

• Bathing suits
• Light pants, slacks and/or shorts
• Light shirts
• Maybe some trendy attire, if you wish
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses
• Umbrella for potential showers
• Comfortable walking shoes
• Flip flops for Miami Beach’s hot sand

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Miami Florida Guides, Miami information

Feb 12

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It is now easier than ever to travel to a new destination with the help of the internet. Easily plan a successful trip to Miami Florida. When planning a trip to Miami Florida, tourists may contact one of the many Miami Chamber of Commerce or Tourist Bureaus for Miami information. Tourists may also browse the internet for Miami information using key phrases like:

• Guide of Miami
• Miami guide
• Miami information
• Things to in Miami
• Attraction in Miami, etc

The search results will introduce plenty of Miami Florida guides that offer Miami information. Some Miami Florida guides are more comprehensive than others, making them better for organizing a trip to Miami or any other place in Florida. There are 2 kinds of Miami Florida guides:

1. Miami Florida guides created by locals
2. Miami Florida guides created by national or international groups that cover dozens or hundreds of locations

Miami Florida guides created by national groups have plenty of resources but are often absent from Miami. Although some may look nicer, they often lack personal and updated Miami information. We recommend Miami Florida websites written by locals who are more familiar with Miami. However, not all local Miami Florida guides are created equal. The overall quality of the Miami Florida guides website is important, but more specifically, the quality of the provided Miami information. You should have access to regularly updated and fresh Miami information when planning your visit. We recommend as the best source of Miami information.

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South Beach Ranks Second in Travel Channel’s World’s Sexiest Beaches

Jan 20

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Recently, the Travel Channel, the only television network devoted exclusively to travel entertainment, featured a piece on the World’s 21 Sexiest Beaches.

The results were made after traveling the world and experiencing the beaches first-hand. In that list, South Beach made it in as the number 2 sexiest beach, just before Waikiki in Hawaii. South Beach ranked so highly thanks to its continuous energy, exciting nightlife and unique lifestyle.

Search South Beach vacation rentals or South Beach hotels within your budget and experience for yourself what makes this beach so special. Use a Miami guide to point you in the direction of the best attractions once you are there.


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