Blue Water Fishing Of Blue Tuna

Blue tuna is one of the best priced and popular fish in the world. It has delicious meat which is used to make sashimi or sushi. In the Atlantic, it is one of the best fish for sports fishing company and weighs more than 150 KGs. Records exist as one of the biggest caught fish weighed 679 KGs.


In the USA, they are found in the subtropical and temperate waters of Atlantic Ocean. They are well distributed from Newfoundland through the coast of Brazil. The fish can be caught throughout the year but the big ones can be caught during the months of October through to March.

The fish can also be found in manmade locations where there is plenty of bait fish like oil rigs or drill ships. In the USA these rigs are found in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

In Canada, the biggest Tuna weighing 679 kg was caught in Nova Scotia. Most recently, an 869 kg Tuna was caught near Prince Edward Island.

Techniques used to catch Blue Tuna

In order for you to catch a humongous tuna you need not only get well prepared but have good equipment. Due to their size, you need a team to assist you to pull the fish once you catch them. Furthermore, because they are very fast and fight a lot when caught, you can’t manage the catch alone.  Have fine tackling techniques in pole and line methods is a plus. You need to have a good boat that has a fighting chair installed in it. In order to succeed in your anticipated catch, it is important to use trustworthy equipment due to the fact that the fish is big and fast.

There are various methods that can be used to catch Blue Tuna. These are like pole and line, surface trolling, and long lining. These are the appropriate techniques used to catch big fish.

Strong team

The fish is gigantic and can’t be managed by one person. It is important to have a team whose members are strong enough to haul a creature whose weight is above 400 kgs. Sometimes, it is difficult to pull the fish into the boat due to its massive weight even when you have a strong team.


In order to catch the humongous blue tuna, you need to be sufficiently prepared. Above all, you need to ensure that you have excellent skills, dependable equipment, a team of strong men and endurance and determination needed to accomplish the job.  You need to be prepared for a protracted fight from the gigantic fish till it dies. With great determination and effort, you will succeed in your goal.

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