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It is a tool manufactured by a Norwegian company that enables people who deal with installation of doors, decks, floors, cabinets and also windows Orxy Tools Canada. It has jaws that help to tighten, lift and press the listed above things during installation. The good thing about it is that it can be reassembled after dissembling it. 

It has a weight of three pounds and it is made of aluminum and steel that is stainless.  It is able to withstand and raise a weight of one hundred and fifty kilograms. This tool requires a small number of people while installation is being done. This means that it reduces on costs that were to be incurred when having many people doing the installation work. The operator sets the end point when using it. It can get into squeezed spaces that one cannot manage to reach. It is a unique tool doing a lot of good job in various fields where applicable. 


  • It is from Aluminum metal and stainless steel. 
  • Ability to lift 330 pounds equivalent to 150 kilograms and itself is 3 pounds equivalent to 1.4 kilograms. 
  • It has been tested fully in Norway by FIMTECH. 
  • Its base measures 6 by 105 by 87 millimeters having carbon steel as its hardener. 
  • For operations that are protected, it has mouthing holes. 
  • The standard base for the Viking arm tool is 5 by 105 by 87 millimeters. 
  • Its range of operation is 6-215 millimeters. 


  • Norway is where it gets its design from. That is where it is manufactured too.  
  • Durable and sturdy installations are ensured by this tool. 
  • It is manufactured in a way that it does many tasks that simple local tools do when they are joined together. 
  • It is a universal innovative tool. 
  • It ensures tightness, strong press and lifting of related tools in a controlled and precise way  
  • Through it a lot of creative work is fostered. 
  • The quality of job to be done has got its security considered. 
  • The productivity of a given task is boosted greatly  
  • Time that could be wasted doing some jobs has been saved by this machine that just works in a very short time depending on the job being done. 
  • Work done is safe 
  • Patented solutions that are technical. 
  • Its size just makes one amazed as it is a tool that can be compacted and held by one’s hands without struggle. 
  • Money that could be paid to people who can do similar jobs is saved for other jobs. 
  • It is of a great quality as it is made up of quality components.